The Crossing Guard V1 - Black Dye

$30.00 Coming Soon

*DTTD3 stamp was an exclusive stamping and is no longer available*

- Upgraded nickel plated hardware and swivel trigger clip.

- Each holster is 100% handmade from a natural veg-tanned leather and hand dyed accordingly.

- Custom option will allow you to have either your initials, a word, or your name stamped on the holster upon checkout. Character limit will vary the location of the where it will get stamped.

- Fits all standard and plus size kendamas including: boost shape, sol shape, craft shift, and slaydawg.

-The design allows you to unsnap the holster in the back for easy access, or you can slide your kendama into the sides while it is snapped together. The front straps of the holster are adjustable so you can make sure your kendama is nice and snug.